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    tony lynch

    Hi Guys, I saw in a recent promotion you offer to share your single page funnel that converts at 7% with anyone who buys thrivecart through your link.
    We already have thrivecart but wouldn’t love your funnel share. Is it possible to get hold of this please?
    Thank you


    Matt Wolfe

    Hey Tony,

    If you reach out to our support here: – They’ll be able to help you with access to those bonuses. 🙂

    Please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes at We’d love you forever!


    Leon Harris

    Hello Matt,

    Like tony, I’m someone who purchased a ThriveCart Lifetime License in Jan. 2016. I am also receiving all these wonderful emails
    thru my membership in Evergreenprofits about your single sales pages.

    I tried using the contact link you provided for Tony with no success. It takes you to the page with no way to contact anyone. How can I obtain more info on these sales pages?

    Thank you!



    Joe Fier

    Sorry about that Leon! We’ll take a look into that.

    You guys can also email support at

    That’ll go to the same place and we’ll hook you up 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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